Prestige Hack

Unlock any prestige you desire with just one button click.

Flawless Anti-Ban

With the help of the CoD Ghosts Hack tool you will not have to fear getting banned, as the Cod Ghosts Hack has a flawless anti-ban which is 100% Undetectable. Which will help you pass any hack checks built into the game.


Choose from simple aim assist to full automatic aiming and shooting.

Prestige & Squad Points Hack.

Do you want 10th Prestige in Call Of Duty Ghosts? Well look no further, with the Call Of Duty Ghosts Hack Tool you can easily edit your Prestige level on PC, PS3 & Xbox 360. This also works for Squad Points, Unlock any weapon and attachment quick & easy.


See your enemies through walls, and have detailed information about them too! FULL customization.

Advanced Wall-Hack

Want to see where your enemies are hiding? Look no further, with the Call of Duty Ghosts Hack Wall-hack you can dominate the enemy team without them ever getting close to you, with this amazing wall-hack you can easily see your opponents through the walls with customize-able limb colors and much more, you will always be 1 step ahead of your enemies.